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A play in one act....Scene: Switzerland, The International Cheese Awards Ceremony. Hergstrorm Borsplat steps to the podium " And the award for best double cured goats cheese goes to Finjord Bergermoster" Everyone applauds, Kanye West rushes the stage and says "Y'all know Beyonce should have won this shit right? This is bullshit. You have to respect artistry. All right, fuck you ignorant bitches, I'm out, got to go get ready for telling those Nobel Prize motherfuckers how wrong they are for not respecting Beyonce" hops onto an awaiting Zeppelin and flies away...... And Scene

If you aren't aware of Kanye's latest travesty, with Beck, look it up. If you're pissed your friend didn't win the Grammy for album of the year that's understandable. BUT making a moral point of it on artistry??? Seriously Kanye? Have you heard of Beck? I know you're the voice of a generation and all, but Beck is more of an artist than 99% of the people in that room.This is a man who has constantly pushed boundaries at the cost of fame. Every Album he's put out has been about experimentation and fucking ART. He's a god-damn genius and if you think art isn't being respected enough you should have stood on your chair and applauded his win until your hands fell off instead of being a petty bastard.

Beck is a genius. Probably he shouldn't have won. If it was a straight race between him and Beyonce he wouldn't have. But it wasn't, it was the underdog weirdo against pop icons and the pop icon vote split. The dark horse won. Good for him. Beck deserves a little time in the sun.

It's not like it matters, the people who check out Becks new album will throw it away because it's different and they don't know how to cope with that and Beyonce will win another 50 grammys so who fucking cares?

Let's just live in the moment right now, let's live in the underdog moment. It's fucking beautiful.This is where magic happens. The world spins. I'm here. You're here. The world is full of possiblities....... And Scene



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